On-Street Bicycle Parking

On-Street Bike Parking

Spring has sprung, and bicycles are making their way back onto the streets! For us, this means it is time to add additional bicycle parking with our on-street racks.


We started with just two on-street racks a few years ago, and due to high demand are now placing eight racks this spring and summer! We are working with Republic Parking to install racks at the locations that were a success last year and we have several other requests for additional locations for this year. We are also working with business owners and prioritizing where we think we can capture the most cycling traffic before locating the remaining racks.


This season’s bike racks are currently located at:

  • State Street near Bivouac
  • 4th Avenue near the People’s Food Co-op
  • Detroit Street near Zingerman’s
  • Liberty Street near Bill’s Beer Garden
  • North University near Panera and Silvio’s
  • N. Main Street near Mighty Good Coffee


On-Street Bike Parking at Co-op

The racks can accommodate 14 bike parking spaces in a single car space during the warm-weather season – this has proven to be a benefit to both businesses as well as patrons.


Bivouac in downtown Ann Arbor told us, “We loved having the bike rack in front of our store.  The rack was constantly full of bikes and our customers appreciated having it there.  It also prevented people from chaining their bikes to lamp posts and street signs, which doesn’t look very good.  We would absolutely welcome the bike rack back in the spring.”


Bill’s Beer Garden also let us know they appreciated having the bike racks there during the day at the Home & Garden, and even more so at night when patrons were visiting the Beer Garden.


We would love your feedback, please let us know if you have suggestions for additional locations: contact Amber Miller at amiller@a2dda.org.