Getting Around Ann Arbor by Bus

BusTheRide, the Ann Arbor Area Transportation Authority (AAATA) bus service, provides exceptional bus service in the Greater Ann Arbor Area. With TheRide’s Blake Transit Center centrally located in downtown Ann Arbor, many bus routes begin and end downtown


The go!pass is a great employee benefit funded by the DDA and administered by the getDowntown program. With the go!pass, employees who work at companies within located within the DDA boundaries can ride any of the TheRide’s fixed route buses, receive discounts on other commuter services and gets tons of discounts at downtown Ann Arbor businesses. For program requirements and to order passes contact Chris Simmons.

Plan a Trip

Plan a trip and track your bus by using TheRide’s convenient trip planning bus tracking tools. The full adult fare is $1.50 with many discounted fares available.

ExpressRide and Park & Ride

TheRide offers ExpressRide service from Chelsea and Canton. And Park & Ride services offered at seven locations allow you to park FREE and catch the bus to work.

NightRide and HolidayRide

TheRide offers curb-to-curb services during late night hours and on major holidays when other services are not operating.

A-Ride and GoldRide

A-Ride is a shared ride, advanced reservation, ADA paratransit service intended to provide a comparable level of transportation as provided by a TheRide fixed-route bus. A-Ride riders share trips if they are generally traveling in the same direction at the same time. Trips are scheduled without regard to the purpose of the trip. A-Ride trips are provided in lift-equipped buses and sedan type vehicles. TheRide also provides service to non-disabled seniors aged 65 and older, called GoldRide.


TheRide provides frequent, quick and convenient service to Detroit Metro Airport through AirRide.


The getDowntown Program provides commuting programs and services to downtown Ann Arbor employees and employers. The DDA is a proud funder of this program. To learn more about services available to employers and employees contact Chris Simmons, chris@getdowntown.org.

UM Blue Bus System

The University of Michigan Blue Bus system is free to all riders, not just U of M staff and students. Find out more info about bus routes and schedules.


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Ann Arbor DDA Offices
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Wednesday, October 20, 2021 11 am
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