Project Approach

This effort brings together City and DDA staff, as well as other agencies, to comprehensively plan for streets within the DDA District. In conjunction, input from a variety of downtown stakeholders and the general public is an essential component.

The goal is to balance the needs of all street users, with a particular focus on pedestrians and how streets can be used as public space. The final manual will reflect the understanding that the pedestrian environment is about much more than transportation – that streets serve important social, economic, and environmental needs.

The final document – a Downtown Street Design Manual – will build on earlier plans, including the Downtown Plan, Non-motorized Plan, and Sustainability Framework to better integrate community goals, such as shared streets, economic vitality, and improved stormwater management.

The timeline is designed with up-front existing conditions work accomplished by staff and a community kick-off in May. The process is scheduled to conclude in summer 2015.

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