Street Tree Work

Street Tree WorkDowntown is home to about 1700 street trees, an important part of downtown quality of life. In the fall 2014 and spring 2015 the DDA worked to keep downtown green by adding about 140 new trees.
The DDA worked with the city’s forestry staff to identify trees that need to be replaced and to determine a replacement and care strategy for the new trees.  $50,000 was allocated to purchase and plant the trees.  The new trees had a one-year warranty that covered care and watering for the first year.
Downtown can be a stressful environment for trees and this work was part of a larger 3-5 year plan to maintain existing downtown trees and replace those that are dead or dying.  In addition to planting, the DDA worked with the City to prune, repair tree pits, and encourage neighbors and businesses to adopt and water nearby trees.