Downtown Street Design Manual

Ann Arbor Main StreetAn enjoyable pedestrian experience is one of downtown’s principal attractions and its streets host the highest intensity of activities and uses in the City – providing public space for more than 100 sidewalk cafes, 73% of all City-permitted special events, and a density of businesses and residences.

We are proud of our streets and sidewalks and recognize their importance to maintaining and enhancing the personality of downtown Ann Arbor.

Why a Framework Approach?

People love living, working, and visiting downtown due to the high quality of place and co-mingling of activities that occur, particularly in the sidewalk space. Several prominent downtown streets help to create a great experience; Main Street in particular won a “Great Places in America” award from the American Planning Association. Conversely, other streets lack character, a clear identity, and the infrastructure to support increased social and economic activity.

Streets and sidewalks work best when they take into account the needs of people who use the streets and the nearby uses and context. A comprehensive set of design, construction, and maintenance standards can enhance and maintain the high quality experience provided by some streets and improve the identity of others. A Downtown Street Design Manual will result from this process and will be a tool to ensure downtown streets provide a high quality of place for all users, while also meeting broader community goals.